Sunday, 15 April 2007

Jarvis Cocker in Mayday Shocker!!

Mayday fasts approaches, it seems to have become a bit of a damp-squid with few bothering to make the journey up to London for the (fairly dull) event. However, an organisation calling itself 'Space Hijackers' who seem to have ties to the Wombles have released a mysterious communique with ideas to jazz up Mayday, so far they include;

A) Mayday Dress up Shocker

The suggestion is that we dress up like business men on Mayday to infiltrate "the heart of the Corporate Financial Centres of London" - oh dear, seems fairly obvious where that's going to be. Why dress up I hear you cry? Because "It's time to pull your finger out and realise that your individuality isn't challenged with a bit of dressing up." Who'd have thought.

B) Mysterious Celeb Appearance (And we don't mean Redgrave)

The Space Hijackers tell us that we (or they) will be treated to a singalonga with Jarvis Cocker himself, because 'Cunts are still running the world' as his latest single declares. If you aren't cringing at the thought of the SH-bloc getting chummy with a celeb with more money than sense right now, chances are you will be by Mayday.

see: the article for details or visit the Space Hijacker website


Anonymous said...

for your information, there is no relationship between the WOMBLES and the Space Hijackers.

The only connection between us is that the WOMBLES web site reproduced a text issued by SH, readily available on Indymedia UK and other alt news sources.

You would not suggest that SH is part of IMC would you?

love n rage

a.n ex-womble

J.B said...

thank you kindly for that clarification. My knowledge on the topic is obviously limited. Your clarification is greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

The People's Front of Judea have absolutely nothing to do with the Judean People's front. OK?

ProstoShelMimo said...

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